Helping business owners take control and feel confident by understanding their numbers and scaling.

I'm Richelle and I help business owners and entrepreneurs (just like you!) take control of their business managing the day to day operations, analyzing metrics and data, and providing the information needed to see the bigger picture in their business.

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough"
-Albert Einstein

Hi, I’m Richelle!

I help small business owners and entrepreneurs feel confident in their business by giving them the tools they need to evaluate their overall metrics and provide them an opportunity to scale their business.

Imagine being able to make informed decisions about your business by visualizing data in one place. Using the advantages of Google and their Analytics and Data Studio, we can convert data coming directly from your website, CRM systems, social media accounts, etc., into customizable informative reports and dashboards, so you can physically see the metrics of your business. 

If you are a visual learner like me, then this is exactly what you need to move forward and grow your business without wasting time reading through endless spreadsheets of data. We can break it down into a simple view so you can see sales, revenue history, launch stats, trends in social media, analyze your funnels, and much much more! 

Pretty cool, right?

“Richelle always takes initiative and does whatever is necessary to get the job done.”

Richelle is a rockstar. She isn’t afraid to ask questions, has great communication and is so much fun to work with. She’s always willing to help in other areas if time allows and isn’t afraid to learn something new to help out the team. She’s a total team player and as such, everything she’s done has made a positive impact on the team. 

– Samantha, Neapolitan Creative